Believe Christmas is an immersive magical world brought to life in a theatrical production within our elf tipi village.

It is an outdoor Christmas experience taking you on a journey through theatrical performances and interactive activities. It is an experience creating memories with your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime! Joining your group, with Elf Guides to lead you around the Elf Tipi Village, you will meet all the Elves who are there to entertain you.

BELIEVE Christmas is an outdoor event, set in a woods and parklands. You need to be aware that there are natural hazards such as tree stumps, uneven ground, muddy conditions, and a lake. The event is completely accessible and able to accommodate wheelchair users and for those pushing buggies.

It is a magical day creating memories with your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime! Joining your chosen group, complete with your own Elf Guide to lead you around the Elf Tipi Village, you will meet all the Elves who will entertain you with a mixture of interactive activities and performances.

In partnership with The Ramside Estates, Metro Radio and TFM.

Please see our Covid Safety Measures

BELIEVE is an outdoor event and has a series of slight bumps and slopes however we do put down rubber matting walkways etc across as many areas as possible to make sure it is as pushchair/wheelchair friendly as we can possibly make it.

If you have a child or adult that have special needs and/or a disability, PLEASE call the Hotline on 07539 616555 to discuss this in advance of booking. BELIEVE Christmas is an inclusive experience and will aim to help wherever we can. We do get a lot of visitors with certain special needs and want to be welcoming and accommodating to everyone. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss anything and if you would like your Elf Guide to be made aware of any other requirements that you may need. *If you have a child or adult who might require extra time to fully enjoy the interactive parts of the day, and those who may find a large group of people problematic, we may introduce a ‘TWINKLE’ (SEN) session afternoon event. If you would prefer to book this, please call the Hotline on 07539 616555. We are looking to possibly offer this as an alternative.

The event is aimed at anyone who BELIEVES in the magic of Christmas! It suits all ages, for smaller ones the adults can help with crafts etc but there is something there for all…even the adults! If your family has someone that has reached the age that they would like to be in the adult category, then please just give us a call or likewise if there is a grown up that would like to be seen by Santa and on Santa’s list then please let us know.

There is FREE parking onsite. When you arrive, please drive into Hardwick Hall Hotel driveway following the parking signs around to the back of the hotel. Make your way down the lane at your designated time slot, guided by an Elf. It is of utmost importance, this year, to arrive on time due to extra safety measures where we are staggering arrivals. The address is: Hardwick Hall Hotel, Sedgefield Co. Durham, TS21 2EH. Please follow the signs to Hardwick Hall Hotel and BELIEVE Christmas to guide you in.

Remember this is an outdoor adventure! Please make sure you are wrapped up all snuggly with outdoor shoes/boots with warm cosy socks! We will be visiting lots of Tipi’s and areas of which some will be outside, and we need to make sure you stay warm and snug.

Saturday 4th December, Sunday 5th December, Saturday 11th December, Sunday 12th December, Saturday 18th December, Sunday 19th December, Monday 20th December, Tuesday 21st December, Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd December 2021.

This is a staggered arrival event with 2 different start times. There is a morning session starting at 9:30am and an afternoon session starting at 13:30pm.

As the event aims to provide a safe and clean environment for families and in particular children, we would ask ticket holders and all visitors not to bring dogs with them to the site. However, please call our office at the time of booking if you need to bring assistance dogs onsite.

Tickets go on sale and will be available to book online via www.believe-uk.com

Early booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. If you require any help please email hohoho@believe-uk.com or call the BELIEVE Hotline: 07539 616555

Step By Step Guide To Booking

  1. Choose the date and time you would like to visit
  2. Click 'Book' at the top of the page
  3. Select a group name of your choice (please remember all groups do the same activity just in a different order)
  4. If the group name is not available or sold out then please try a different group.
  5. Follow the steps for filling in your info
  6. Make payment
  7. You will get 2x emails one to confirm payment and the other one a confirmation with a booking reference number. This is your ticket.
  8. In your email confirmation you will be given a link to log-in which will take you to a ‘customer area’ where you will input information about each person visiting and to answer 2 questions on each child for Santa’s secret list. Please note it is of extreme importance that you complete this in advance as if there is incomplete information it will revert to a general chat with Santa rather than a bespoke interaction.
  9. Keep your email at hand on your phone or a printed copy to bring with you on the day.


  • Child under 6 months – £0.00
  • Toddler - £18.00
  • Adult Ticket – £34.50
  • Child Ticket - £36.50

Please note: All individual tickets have a booking fee of £2.50 to be added for each ticket to cover the booking system and card payment fee. Tickets are non-refundable. If you have any changes to your booking, we will try and accommodate you as best as possible but there will be an admin fee for the booking system of £5.00.

There are many winter delights for all your festive foodie needs here at BELIEVE Christmas. So much on offer to suit every taste. During the break you can take advantage of the food around the Elf Village of yummy delights!

If you have any changes to your booking, we will try and accommodate you as best as possible but we may have to apply a £5.00 admin fee for more complicated changes to the booking system.

If you have a group over the size of 20 people, then please give us a call on the BELIEVE Hotline: 07539 616555

There are no hidden costs and everything is included in your day from crafts and all activities. The only extra spend will be your food and drink on the day. Please note there may be Reindeer machines containing food if you would like to feed the Reindeer, cost £1.00 coin.

For more information please download our terms and conditions.